Memorial to 911

There is usually an event that stands out in our mind’s, forever etched by the emotional impact. I remember hearing about JFK, Martin Luther King & Bobby. I remember the shuttle explosion, Princess Diana’s car crash. But above all I remember 911. It has haunted me from those first moments I heard about it when I lived in Toronto.

Upon my return to Regina, as I got more involved in my passion for photography, I thought of ways I could contribute - a commemoration to the tragedy. As I completed my first book of a fusion of photography and poetry, known as “poetography”, friends from Denver (Bob McGannon and Denise DeCarlo) suggested I could create a poem and a simple picture of the skyline.

Over two years of work, it has evolved to the image below, a gift to anyone who remembers and hopes for a better tomorrow.

Download Printable Image      

The image is approximately 8” x 8” , suitable for printing on a standard sheet of paper. If you like the image and poem consider making a donation to your favorite charity. Love and sharing can make a difference.